Improvements coming to Xamarin Google Play Services

<Update when=’June 22, 2015’>

It’s been a month since I blogged about upcoming Google Play Services changes, and a lot has happened since then 🙂

Google released yet another version of Google Play Services (7.5) so we’ve accounted for this update.

We also spent a lot of time on QA this time around, running the updates against many existing applications and samples that we have, and we are moving to a more automated build system that will allow us to release more quickly going forward.

Finally, we re-evaluated some breaking changes we had planned to make and decided that although they would be nice to haves, they were simply not worth breaking so many code bases. We’ve reverted some of these naming changes at least for the near future, so incorporating the update in your app should be pretty simple.

Rest assured, all of the improvements we made that didn’t break existing applications have been kept, so the future still looks great for Google Play Services on Xamarin.Android!


Google Play Services is a rapidly evolving library that Google has been using to combat fragmentation on the platform, and ensure their developers have access to great new API’s without having to worry about what Android version their users are actually on.

The rate at which this library has evolved recently has been especially challenging for us to keep pace with in getting bindings out for Xamarin.Android, but, rest assured, we are committed to bringing out a great Google Play Services experience in your Xamarin apps. Here are some of the improvements we’ve been making that are now available as pre-release!

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