Xamarin Studio Launcher

Xamarin Studio Launcher


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UPDATE: Sep 19, 2014: Yet another new Launcher! This time I’m calling it v3, and it can now handle .sln files (opening them in a new instance of Xamarin Studio). Check out the new blog post for more info!

UPDATE: Sep 8, 2014: The original launcher works well, but after Xamarin 3.0, it didn’t look so up to date. There were a couple people that took it upon themselves to update it, and thanks for that! Now, I’ve released my own updated copy, so please download and try again!

Xamarin Studio Launcher

I’ve recently converted to a Mac. As a long time Windows user, one thing I was very accustomed to was keeping multiple visual studio, or more recently, Xamarin Studio instances open at any given time. Switching to a Mac I found this isn’t so easy, so I decided to make a nice little Launcher application to open new Xamarin Studio instances at will!

So, without further ado, please download the Xamarin Studio Launcher!

Download Xamarin Studio Launcher