Xamarin Evolve 2013


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Xamarin Evolve 2013 was an Awesome conference! I got to see a lot of familiar faces, and meet plenty of new ones! It’s such a great experience to see and talk with such great people who I’d only otherwise know online!

I also had the great privilege to do some speaking at Evolve! I’ve posted my slides below and will update the post with links to the videos when they are available!

Thanks to Xamarin and everyone who made this such a great event!

Push Notifications with PushSharp

Push Notifications are a great way to update users of you app with alerts and information in an effective, standard, and efficient way. Come and learn about what Push Notifications are and how they work on all the mobile platforms, and how you can use PushSharp to deliver notifications to your apps!

Speaker Deck – Push Notifications with PushSharp

Barcode Scanning with ZXing

Barcodes have become increasingly popular in the Mobile space. Learn how you can easily include scanning support with custom overlays using the ZXing.Net.Mobile component. You will also learn how to generate barcodes from within your apps. This session will also discuss various barcode scanning options, and the making of the ZXing.Net.Mobile component.

Speaker Deck – Cross Platform Barcode Scanning with ZXing